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About J.Y.

Denver lawyer J.Y. Kang fights to protect the rights of personal injury victims and those accused of criminal acts throughout Colorado.

Having been a deputy district attorney for six years as well as practicing insurance defense work early in his career, he has been on the ‘other side’ and knows the tendencies of opposing counsel, prosecutors and insurance company adjusters alike.

He has a proven track record over 27 years of effectively, aggressively and ethically representing clients against criminal and traffic charges, and victims of all types of accidents. Whether you are charged with a DUI, a simple traffic ticket or a complex felony, or the victim in an accident involving minor injuries or even death, he has the depth and breadth of legal experience and expertise to obtain results for you.

  • Admitted to Colorado Bar: 1993
  • 6 years as Deputy District Attorney
  • 20 years in private practice focusing exclusively on criminal defense and personal injury
  • Admitted to practice in the United States District Court, where he has represented clients in federal cases in both Denver and the Northern District of Texas in Dallas
  • Member of the Colorado Trial Lawyer’s Association as well as the Colorado Bar Association
  • Languages spoken: English, Korean

Criminal Defense

Personal Injury



Here is what our past clients say about us.


Great settlement!

My mom was walking around the neighborhood and 2 of our neighborhood dogs attacked her. She fell on her back and was bitten in the chin. She had to have surgery on both her back and her face. We bought a claim against the homeowner's insurance and they took 100% responsibility. The insurance company worked with JY and settled at an extremely large amount. More than we expected! We are very satisfied and would refer JY to everyone!


Personal Injury Settlement

My wife hired J.Y. to represent her in a personal injury case. (Car accident.) J.Y. did a very good job in handling the negotiations. He kept us informed at all stages of the process. He was personable and professional throughout the entire process. We were happy with his representation. We are happy to recommend him to others in a similar situation.



I hired Mr. Kang for two auto accidents in 2017. I needed several epidural injections but no other surgery. Mr. Kang made claims against three insurance companies and fought with two of them for a year to get me the most that he could. Out of three insurance policies the most I could get was $250,000.00. Mr. Kang managed to get me $240,000.00 total from 3 insurance companies, which was almost the entire policy limit for each of the 3 policies. He was aggressive and skillful in going after them and I am very thankful.


Personal Injury case

I hired Mr. Kang because I was hit by a car while cycling in Denver. I was hospitalized for a short time although I did not require surgery. The driver was charged criminally as well and Mr. Kang assisted me as the victim in that case. More importantly he assisted me in going after the party at fault and their insurance company for my injuries and the pain and suffering. Within one year of the accident, he managed to obtain $250,000.00 from the insurance company! It was much more than I expected, or that he expected for that matter . His personal attention was greatly appreciated. He came to my home as I was using a wheel chair upon release from the hospital and unable drive. He took time to explain all aspects of the case very clearly.



I was sued for over $100K for infliction of emotional distress in Arapahoe District Court. I refused to settle with the guy who sued me and Mr. Kang carefully pointed out the pros and cons of going to trial, but ultimately supported my decision. We went to trial in front of a jury and they awarded absolutely nothing. Zero! It was clear that Mr. Kang was a more skilled trial lawyer. His cross examination of the guy who sued me left no doubt that this guy was not credible and should not be awarded anything. I will always be grateful to Mr. Kang.


I owe my life to Mr. Kang

I was charged with domestic violence assault in Adams County. I refused to take any plea bargain because I was innocent. Mr. Kang went to trial and the jury found me not guilty in less than an hour. Mr. Kang’s preparation was amazing. All the photos and videos that were good for us, he blew up in large photos and had his assistant play the videos in front of the jury and it really made a difference. Mr. Kang made the “victim” pay on cross examination for all her lies, and he made it apparent what a poor job the police did in their investigation.
I owe my life to Mr. Kang. You want him as your attorney if going to trial.


JY is the guy!

I was charged with felony vehicular assault in Arapahoe district court. I was looking at years in prison. Mr. Kang managed to get the felony dismissed eventually and I ended up not even going to jail for one day. More importantly, the DA was asking for 90K in restitution. Over a 3 day heaing, Mr. Kang fought and fought and convinced the judge to order only a fraction of what the DA asked for. It was clear that Mr. Kang knew all the important players in they system, from the Aurora police detective who charged me, to the DA who prosecuted me to the judge. Also, Mr. Kang would not give up and subpoenaed the insurance adjuster to show how much the victim had already been paid. His experience as an injury lawyer and as a former DA in that office really showed.
If you have a case in Arapahoe county JY is the guy.



JY helped me with a DUI in Arapahoe County. The police was Greenwood Village PD. My BAC was over .2. JY uncovered from body cams that the cops were making fun of my roadside tests based on me being Asian. They were cracking jokes, using racial slurs and laughing and it was all caught on tape. JY took advantage of this, pointed out to the DA (who had not reviewed the bod cams) and said he was going to expose the cop for this bad behavior. The DA dropped all charges. I hugged JY and couldn’t believe what he did for me.
I refer anyone charged with any type of traffic case, especially DUI to JY.

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